7 Significant Benefits of Drinking Water

My Estimation

After reading the benefits, I estimate that most people would sleep with a bottle of water near their beds. It is as easy as it sounds to benefit from it. Scientist were forecasting the results if an individual drinks only water as a liquid instead of coffee, cola or juices. However, the results were astounding to them as well as the individuals. Here are mental and physical benefits of drinking more water. Daha fazla oku “7 Significant Benefits of Drinking Water”


How to Burn Fat Fast? Metabolism

Burning Calories

An average person who is 180 lbs, burns 225 calories for an hour walking, 402 calories for an hour running and 658 calories for an hour biking. Numbers might slightly change in different experiments. Anyway; after days, weeks or even months of work out, people tend to stuck at the similar rates of fate every time they measure it. Of course, their couches’ or fitness educators’ recommendations would be a better nutrition diet with excessive amount of vegetables and banished sugar contained foods. Well, the most frequent question I get is “How can I lose weight while whatever, whenever or wherever I eat as much as I want, without any restrictions?”. It looks like a well imagined question without any effort of realistic thinking. Fortunately, science of mathematics might be a logical evidence to prove that this is possible. This is probably going to look too assertive, but being assertive is the leading cause of big thinkers anyway. Daha fazla oku “How to Burn Fat Fast? Metabolism”


How to Boost Testosterone Levels? Cortisol

Tons of advice is running on the internet about testosterone. After finding out about its benefits; I ran to my computer and spent my day researching about it. Lifting weights, quality sleep, healthy fats and other things are all good recommendations. They all can penetrate into the biology of testosterone’s production but most of them neglect the psychological part.

Daha fazla oku “How to Boost Testosterone Levels? Cortisol”